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Our Team

Teamwork works a saying that goes well with activities for social welfare

causes. Our missionary team members are from diverse culture,

societal, and professional frameworks but with a benevolent heart and vision of

serving their nation through several charitable campaigns. We strive to make our needy fellow humans happy.

MR. Shasi Kumar and his tam IHRDF committee combat human trafficking

and serve the poor with care, food, and education. We warmly embrace

good hearts to join us.

Human Traffikking

Prevent Human Trafficking

Reports suggest that millions of women, men, and children are victims of human trafficking who have no life after recovery. Dr. Manjunathan has discerned this fact and is taking several initiatives through Human Rights Defender Organization to stop exploitation.

Human 1Traffikking

Protecting the Poor

Many developing nations and governments are still struggling to protect the poor throughout disasters or COVID epidemics. So, NGOs like the IHRDF team are on their service En route to provide the needy with food, medical care, education, and job-skills for their bright future.

Human Traffikkingg

Fund Raising Events

Indeed, it feels great to serve the one who deserves it the most. Our IHRDF team believes that a small act of kindness can change many things, so we conduct several fundraising events to make life-changing transformations. Kindly realize the fulfillment of giving by contributing to our mission.

Donate us for

To lighten the smiles and lives of millions who need education, food, and security against trafficking.
Let us all join together towards making our country a better and safe place for our fellow human beings to breathe. Your kind deed today is sure to change their destiny.





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Are you a student, housewife, office-goer, or entrepreneur? Whomever you may be, if you are interested in committing your time and efforts to help others in need, you can enroll yourself as a volunteer at our organization. No time to join for charitable activities, don’t worry, lend a helping hand by sending in your contributions.

Help by becoming a volunteer

Help by donating for causes

Donations to International Human Rights Defenders Foundation are tax exempted under section 80G