Who we are

International Human Rights Defenders Foundation -IHRDF is a not-for-prot organization, founded by and made up of professionals of law, social work, sociology, psychology, and criminology and human rights defenders, with much

participation from members of the civil society where victims have an important place.

IHRDF monitors human rights abuses, it defends and publicly promotes the defense

of human rights; through education it searches to eliminate the violation of human rights at the individual and group level. It promotes the comprehensive defense of human rights and the rights of all people with sovereignty, free determination and respect, in search of an equitable

society with social justice.

IHRDF supports effective implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the International pact regarding civil and political rights, the Geneva agreements of

1949 and the United Nations Convention and its subsequent changes related to refugees and displaced persons.

IHRDF looks for the support of other international organizations to eradicate all types

of discrimination toward women, in order for women´s rights to be respected in an effective way, as their fundamental human rights, one should respect the principle of equality and encourage the particular role that women´s rights play in the processes of peace and development in countries in conict.

It contributes to the respect of human rights in the framework of the antiterrorist ght, so that in the name of freedom and democracy fundamental rights

are not violated, especially freedom.

IHRDF works to protect victims of human rights violations,

to protect the defenders of human rights, to prevent these violations and to bring the perpetrators of these violations before the justice.

It raises awareness in the national and international community about the situation of human rights in countries in conict and brings the received information to the organizations with incident capacity

and/or pressure toward these states, working together to suppress the violation of human rights and impunity.

IHRDF works so that the respect of women´s fundamental rights continues everywhere especially in the countries where women are discriminated against and submitted to cruel,

inhumane and degrading treatment.

IHRDF works with international organizations so that the fundamental rights of children will not be vulnerable, their rights to health, education, having a family,

to not go to war, to not be discriminated against because of their race, creed or origin or their migratory status.