The general objective of the “International Human Rights Defenders Foundation” -IHRDF is to contribute to the defense, promotion, education, protection and realization of human rights, including civil and political rights.

The aim of IHRDF is to ght against all forms of discrimination

and impunity by assisting individuals around the world who have little or no access to human rights resources. We are the helping hand to those people that are dealing with human rights

violations within and outside of India.

IHRDF seeks to materialize the truth, justice and complete reparation for serious violations of human rights, through legal and political actions at the international, national and local level in countries where human rights have been systematically violated, in countries in conict.

We work for the complete exercising of the rights of people through the formation, organization, denouncing, and realization of legal and political actions at the local, national and international level in coordination with other organizations defending human rights. To uphold human rights law under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations conventions

and declarations in India and abroad by:

Educating the public through the provision of courses, workshops, and seminars on matters relating to human rights

Researching issues relating to human rights and the people we serve Assisting individuals in bringing their complaints before the UN Human Rights Council.

To relieve poverty through the provision of basic amenities to refugees, immigrants and others in need.

To provide counseling, education, and other support services to immigrants and refugees, including language instruction,

employment training, job search programs, translation services, and information/assistance on Indian culture and life.